Ennerdale Lake and A Plywood Mistake

The best bit of this week has been a walk to Ennerdale Water today, almost at twilight (although we set off at 3pm). The mountains were iced with snow and the lake was so clear the bottom was visible, with its varying depths, rocks and weed. The puddles were all solid, most of them frozen hard enough to stamp on without breaking. We found ‘the hollow tree’ and climbed inside. The light faded very quickly and the sunset literally crept over the hills, igniting the snow with salmon pink on the tops then creeping down like a log lit. By the time we reached the carpark, birds were roosting and there were scuttlings in the bushes. It made me want to stay out longer and see the countryside as it really is when all the loud people, dogs and children have gone home (including us). We went and had two pints each (two of Ennerdale Darkest, two Blonde beers and two J2Os). We drove back and ordered take-away pizzas.

Unfortunately – being a bit of an idiot, as I can be – I then managed to pull more than a few stacked sheets of thick plywood onto my legs that were propped in the living room ready to make bookshelves. I had no idea they were that heavy and had no way of getting my legs from under them. It was agony and I’m scraped and bruised and look a mess but, hopefully, nothing’s broken. I’m lucky.

I’ve enjoyed reading Alison Brackenbury’s Skies this week. She’s also written a poem about elms and their demise and it was beautiful. I hadn’t read another ‘post-elm’ poem before wrote one in August. I also loved her short poems written in the early hours. I’ve also bought a copy of Outlaws and Fallen Angels by John Foggin and I’ve loved what I’ve read so far.

I’ve been thrilled to have two poems accepted in The Fenland Reed. A wonderful magazine I’m proud to be published in. I need to get a move on with my writing my but the darkness of the year and the frost seem to have stalled words. They’re there but are in hibernation.

I just wanted to add that my poem, Stella, has been published in this month’s Mslexia. I’m really pleased. They’ve published it under Catherine Donnelly, however, so I don’t know who will link it to this site unfortunately. They also said it was my first published poem. Luckily it’s not. My first ever published poem was by Acumen in 2004 who took a chance on me very early on (more than once) and I’ll always appreciate that. I love Mslexia though and what a great feature to be included in.